Performance Physical Therapy

Patient Story – Todd F.

Todd Freeman Patient Review for Performance Physical TherapyMeet Todd Freeman! Todd loves Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ for short), and was sidelined after having shoulder surgery. He was looking for a physical therapist to help him recover from his labrum and AC reduction surgery performed by Dr. Andrisani.

Todd is a patient who knows something about PT – he participates in activities that are rougher than most – martial arts can be particularly tough on the body. He’s seen many physical therapists over the years, so we were really happy when he told us about his experiences here with Performance Physical Therapy and his therapist, Amanda Vito.

Problem: Looking for PT after surgery on his shoulder- Labrum and AC reduction surgery.

Solution: Course of Physical therapy at Performance PT with Amanda Vito. Todd is getting back to Jiu Jitsu while still completing therapy, and is excited that he will be even stronger than before his surgery when he resumes full practice.

In his own words:

“PPT has given me the ability to carefully resume elements of BJJ as I have progressed and been strong enough to handle it. This really helped me stay motivated! When I return to full practice I know I will be stronger than before my injury.”

“As a person that seems to perhaps push too hard at times and get hurt and perhaps because I engage in some rougher sports – I’ve been to quite a few PT providers in my lifetime. I wish it had always been at PPT – I think I would have been stronger, healthier and better for it.”

How Todd Found Performance Physical Therapy:

Todd told us that he had taken a list of providers given to him by his doctor, and called around trying to find the best practice for him, as well as checking online to compare websites, Facebook and reviews. In the end, he chose Performance Physical Therapy.

“I called the top three based on my research to speak with the scheduling folks – honestly to see how they spoke to me, their attitude and their sense of urgency to treat me. PPT was outstanding and they were incredibly helpful – looking for the earliest possible time to get me in. The friendliness and concern for me got me in the door.”

This is important to us here at Performance, because we know you have a choice in providers. Every member of our staff, from receptionists to business managers to assistants to physical therapists, is dedicated to your well being and trying to make every step in the process of recovery from an injury, surgery or even just fitness and strength training as friendly and welcoming as possible.

Just as important is how the course of physical therapy itself goes- when we asked Todd, he said: “In a word? INCREDIBLE! I feel so fortunate to have come to PPT and have Amanda as my therapist. While EVERYONE at PPT is awesome – Amanda is something special. She is focused on my health and recovery on every visit – never seems distracted or preoccupied with anything but me and my progress.

The variation of exercises, consistency in progress and the surprises that even when I don’t notice it getting easier – they do and they step up to the next level.

I will never be able to say enough about Amanda. She is something very special – different in a world of pressures to get to the next patient that seems to exist in the new health care of our times. She impresses me at every visit whether noticing the smallest detail or finding a new way to help me improve. She is the bee’s knees!”

We couldn’t be more proud of Amanda! And we’re so happy Todd had a great experience! Reputation is any business’s most valuable and most fragile asset. Delivering on the promise of care, and to Feel Better every day is our goal, and helping you is the best reward of all. Whether you’ve had shoulder surgery like Todd or any other orthopedic injury or nagging pain, come see us and let us help you get back in the ring, just like Todd!