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Career Opportunities

Are you looking for a Physical therapy career in Delaware?

We are ALWAYS looking for the next star employee! We look for the RIGHT person to put in the RIGHT seat.

The right person is someone who ‘gets’ the job, has the capacity for the job, and someone who WANTS the job!

The most important factor in determining if you are the right person is if you share our company values.

We Take our Values Seriously

Read through our core values below! If you feel as though your core values align with ours, contact us in regards to career opportunities with Performance Physical Therapy.

Serve Others with Enthusiasm

People do not HAVE to come to us–they CHOOSE to come to us. As such, we feel honored that they choose us, and are grateful for them being here today. Customers are never an intrusion in our day, rather, they are the REASON for our day. We are ALWAYS happy to see them, and welcome them in our office as a gracious host welcomes a guest in their home. It is our goal to make them feel welcomed and comfortable and honored. No one is coming to our office because they feel good, but our business objective is to help them FEEL BETTER!

Always think of small and big ways to do this. It may be a smile. It may be remembering today is their anniversary. It may be offering them a drink or an umbrella, or even getting their car for them.

Be creative! Your non-verbal signals tell someone a lot about you!! Are you smiling? Are you standing fully upright? Are you facing the person you are speaking to? Are you speaking clearly and loud enough to be heard? What image does this project? When you serve others enthusiastically, you make the experience about them, not you!!


Trust and Integrity is another core value of Performance Physical Therapy. Integrity is being true to yourself. It means being honest with yourself and who you are. If you tell someone you are going to do something for them, then do it.

For example, a Front desk person telling a patient they will call them back by a certain time, or a staff member saying they will accomplish a task to assist someone else – you must follow through. This is true not only for our patients, but equally for everyone we have contact with – other staff members, doctor’s practices- everyone- every day.

To have trust is to be trustworthy. No relationship survives without trust, whether it is personal or professional. We get ONE shot at a great reputation.

Treat People Like Family

This is an overriding principle that should help guide all actions in the practice. What this means is to treat everyone with love and courtesy. No job is too big, or detail is too small, for anyone to address. Don’t let things slide. Our family includes ANYONE that we come in contact with during our day. Every interaction is a great opportunity to make someone feel special and to let our own personal light shine. “Remember that every patient/client you work with is someone else’s mother, father, spouse, grandparent, child, etc. Think of how you would want your mother/father treated if they were a patient here… even if they are not at their ‘best’ due to pain/suffering.”


We honor ourselves and others by being honest, and doing what we can, the best we can. We are open and diplomatic when we communicate with others. Being truthful is the ONLY way to be with others and ourselves. The truth can never hurt us or others.


We respect everyone we come in contact. Employees, patients, even salespeople and people on the phone – everyone gets treated with the same level of respect. Every person in our practice gets a heartfelt ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, and ‘thank you’. Looking people in the eyes when talking, using surnames, and asking someone if there is anything else that you can do for them, are all ways in which we demonstrate respect.

If this sounds JUST LIKE YOU, you should begin the hiring process!

Please follow the steps below to start the employment process.

We view hiring the best person for success VERY seriously, and we are sure you would agree! We only want a good fit for our culture so everyone can continue to be successful.

Once we get these documents, we will contact you in regards to scheduling an interview!

Current Employment Opportunities

Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant

These positions treat patients directly and make people feel better all day. This is one of the best jobs in the world, and we insist that YOU feel the same way! This job requires a current license from the State of Delaware.

Physical Therapy Aide

This position works with patients as well, under the direct supervision of the PT. This job requires GREAT people skills, a willingness to learn, and a giving personality!

Personal Trainer

This position works directly with our fitness members to develop research backed, safe, effective exercise regimens. You will work in a team like setting, having access to the medical expertise of our PTs to help members reach their goals.

Marketing and Sales

This position requires driving to doctors offices to remind them how great we are!! It also involves strengthening the relationships we have with our current and past patients. This job requires some technical expertise, computer skills, and writing skills are a plus, along with a cheerful, can-do attitude!

Massage Therapist

This position requires a license from the State of Delaware. You will have access to all our patients and fitness members to provide them the necessity of massage! The ideal person has the initiative to market themselves in and around the community as well. You can work as much or as little as you wish!

Front Desk

This may be one of the most important positions, as you will be the first face and/or voice of the practice! This job requires you to do well in a face paced environment, as you are sort of a field general in serving our customers! You MUST be pleasant, upbeat, organized, and focused!

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