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Joint Replacement

joint replacement

At Performance Physical Therapy, we help people both before and after joint replacement get back into shape and back in the game.

Did you know that the CDC reports that over 450,000 people receive hip replacements and over 690,000 knee replacements are done each year in the US? There’s also a trend of more people between the ages of 45- 65 getting joint replacements- that number has increased almost three-fold to 310,800 people in 2010 alone.

If you are looking at joint replacement, you need to know the facts and need to know where to go, both before and after surgery, to make the surgery as successful as possible.

Pre-Hab: Getting Ready for the Surgery Itself

We offer physical therapy before you get a joint replaced (we call it “Pre-Hab”) to make sure you are in the best shape possible before your surgery, so that your after-surgery recovery is as smooth and quick as possible.

For example, just think how hard it will be to use crutches or a walker during your recovery if you don’t build up your arm strength in advance!

If you are sick and tired of not being able to do the things you love, you owe it to yourself and your family to come in and start feeling better today!

Re-Hab: Moving Forward After Surgery

We work closely with all of our joint replacement patients to make sure they’re feeling stronger and ready to do everything they love to do as soon as possible.

Take Christine, for example. Christine has had two knee replacements over the past year, and she came to us for her post-surgical care. Christine helps run Cafe Napoli, so being on her feet for hours a day had taken its toll. Getting her back in shape soon was important not only for her, but for the business overall.

Our personalized care helped make rehab enjoyable, and helped keep Christine on track to feeling better and getting back to work soon.

For additional information on Joint Replacements, Healthline has a great infographic on knee replacements in the US. Click Here To View This Important Infographic!