Performance Physical Therapy

Lorraine Jackson
I was treated for my neck and shoulders, primarily by Jennifer. I also saw a few other therapists, but not once did I have to repeat my story. The environment of PPT and the friendliness of all the staff made my visits enjoyable! I can’t believe how pain free I am! I’ve been to other therapy places; PPT is TOPS!
Joseph Ford
Always helpful professional knowledgeable. Just an all out great experience.
Eva Dreyer
Before coming to PPT I saw another physical therapist about hip pain. After seven weeks there wasn’t any improvement. A friend recommended PPT and the results were phenomenal! Sean thoroughly tested my range of motion and prescribed several stretching and strengthening exercises. He progressed these weekly. He re-tested my ROM after six weeks and the improvements were remarkable. Plus the pain was gone! Sean will be my PT for life!
linda bradford
From the start of my PT everyone I encountered was very friendly and pleasant. I was impressed with the interaction between staff and how knowledgeable Taylor (PT) as well as the techs were when I asked questions. I would recommend this office!!!
barbara brockett
I came to Performance Physical Therapy several years ago because I had heard good things about them, having been disappointed in other PT practices I had used over the years. Most recently, the last two sets of therapy have been with Jordan Morris, who is an outstanding diagnostician and therapist. He carefully evaluated my aches and pains and the exercises he used and therapies he applied succeeded in vastly improving my strength and flexibility. I would most definitely work with him again if I have any other issues. He is an asset to the practice.
Gary Rose
Knowledgeable, friendly, and great staff well organized.
Karen Riordan
Highly Recommend! I was extremely impressed w/the quality of care I received. The Physical therapist, Sam Bachman, had her Doctorate in Physical Therapy - was up to date on the latest treatments and had me 100% for a shoulder issue in just a few short weeks, after months of pain. I would definatly go back to PPT for any future needs!



What is assisted stretching?

Assisted stretching, often referred to as partner stretching or facilitated stretching, is a technique where a trained professional or a partner helps you achieve a deeper stretch by providing gentle assistance. At StretchPlex, our experts ensure a personalized and effective approach to enhance your flexibility and overall well-being.

How does assisted stretching work?

Assisted stretching works by combining the expertise of a trained Body Coach with your body’s natural range of motion. At StretchPlex, our Body Coaches guide you through targeted stretches, helping you reach new levels of flexibility safely and comfortably.

Is assisted stretching effective for flexibility?

Absolutely! Assisted stretching at StretchPlex is designed to improve flexibility by safely elongating muscles and enhancing joint mobility. Our tailored sessions aim to unlock your body’s full potential, promoting flexibility that goes beyond what you can achieve on your own.

What are the benefits of assisted stretching?

The benefits of assisted stretching at StretchPlex are numerous, including increased flexibility, improved posture, reduced muscle tension, and enhanced overall mobility. Our approach not only nurtures physical well-being but also contributes to mental relaxation and stress relief.

Can anyone benefit from assisted stretching?

Yes, everyone can benefit from assisted stretching at StretchPlex! Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to improve daily movement, our customized stretching sessions cater to individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds. ALmost everyone feels better after getting stretched!  It is like Yoga, but done for you!

Are there different types of assisted stretching techniques?

Absolutely! StretchPlex employs a variety of assisted stretching techniques tailored to your unique needs. From PNF stretching to static and dynamic stretches, our experts choose the right method to optimize your stretching experience. We use whatever technique works with your body

How often should I engage in assisted stretching?

The frequency of assisted stretching at StretchPlex depends on individual goals and preferences. Our Body Coach specialists can recommend a personalized schedule, but generally, incorporating assisted stretching 2-3 times a week can yield noticeable improvements in flexibility and overall well-being.

What is the difference between assisted stretching and regular stretching?

While regular stretching involves individual efforts, assisted stretching at StretchPlex includes the guidance and support of a trained professional. This personalized assistance allows for a deeper and more targeted stretch, maximizing the benefits for your body.

Are there any risks or contraindications for assisted stretching?

Assisted stretching at StretchPlex is generally safe, but it’s essential to communicate any health concerns with our experts. We tailor our sessions to accommodate various needs and work within individual limits to ensure a safe and effective stretching experience. If we think you need the help of a physical therapist or medical doctor, we will not hesitate to make that referral for you.  We know the best in the area!

Can I do assisted stretching at home, or do I need a professional?

While some stretches can be performed at home, the personalized guidance and expertise provided by a professional at StretchPlex ensure a safe and effective experience. Our specialists create a customized plan to address your specific goals and needs. Sure, you can stretch yourself, but it’s sort of like tickling yourself–it feels different when someone else does it for you!

Is assisted stretching suitable for people with injuries or medical conditions?

At StretchPlex, we prioritize your safety. Our specialists are trained to adapt assisted stretching techniques to accommodate injuries or medical conditions. It’s crucial to inform our team about any concerns, allowing us to create a tailored and safe stretching plan for you. We know when to go easy, or even avoid an area of concern.

What should I wear for assisted stretching sessions?

Wear comfortable, flexible clothing to assist in a smooth stretching experience at StretchPlex. Opt for attire that allows our specialists easy access to the areas being stretched, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness during your session. We accept all shapes, sizes, and abilities!

How long does it take to see results from assisted stretching?

The time it takes to see results from assisted stretching at StretchPlex varies based on individual factors. Many clients report feeling more flexible and experiencing improved mobility after just a few sessions. Consistency is key, and our specialists work with you to achieve and maintain your desired results.

Are there specific assisted stretching exercises for different muscle groups?

Absolutely! StretchPlex designs tailored sessions that address specific muscle groups based on your needs. Whether you’re focusing on the lower back, shoulders, or legs, our specialists guide you through targeted stretches to address specific areas of concern.

What qualifications should a practitioner have for providing assisted stretching sessions?

Our StretchPlex practitioners are highly trained and certified professionals with expertise in assisted stretching techniques. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands with our team, ensuring a safe and effective stretching experience tailored to your unique requirements. Our body coaches have a degree in movement science, are certified in stretching by the NAtional Academy of Sports MEdicine, and are rigorously tested and trained in house as well