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Performance Physical Therapy Occupational Health Services

In addition to taking care of you and your family’s injuries, aches and pains, Performance Physical Therapy also offers an array of occupational health services in Delaware that are directed to helping you recover from a work related injury and transition back to a normal home and work life.

John Bradley, PT, has been practicing industrial physical therapy for over thirty years. He has extensive experience in jobsite analysis and recommendation for ergonomic modification, work behavior evaluation, and onsite injury management. His client companies encompass regional, national and international corporations and business in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and computer industries.

John is a regular instructor for safety and health professionals in these industries and a motivating trainer for employees to provide them with education on how to keep themselves safe and injury free while working. He has personally instructed thousands of workers in methods they can immediately use to reduce their risk of injury.

The key to success in ergonomics is a keen understanding of how the human body works in a variety of postures and activities encountered in any person’s work day. Along with this is the recognition of what goes wrong inside your body when you do not use proper body mechanics or perform stressful maneuvers. Possessing this knowledge enables the individual to go beyond the concept of just “getting through” their job. They, themselves, become the experts in how to take care of their working bodies.

This education is delivered within a total Ergonomic Evaluation and Recommendation system. The system components are: