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Top 5 tips for people getting a knee replacement

If you are considering getting a knee replacement, here are some ‘real life’ tips that we share with our many patients.

Over the years, with hundreds of patients just like you, here is what we advise, over and over again. These tips are what you WON’T hear from your surgeon.

Now, that doesn’t mean that your surgeon is a bad guy or gal, it just means that they are focused on doing their job to the best of their ability. Their job is to replace a knee of a good surgical candidate with no complications.

Unfortunately, that means they don’t always tell you these secrets that can make your post-surgical experience much less worrisome and painful.

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Are you ready for the secrets?



Are you nervous? So is everyone else who has had it! Do you feel like a scaredy cat? Well join the crowd, so does everyone else! You are considering having surgery! Who looks forward to that? Not many! Recognize that this is an unknown (at least to you!), and it is totally natural to feel some level of apprehension and anxiety. What should you do? Talk about it with someone. Whether it is a spouse, a friend, a clergy, your family doctor, whoever. Talking about your fears and concerns is always helpful.


Understand why you are doing it.

The reason for the surgery is to decrease the pain. Not to increase flexibility or to increase strength. The surgery EVENTUALLY lets the knee hurt less.


This is temporary.

Initially, it will hurt MORE. That is from the surgery. It is to be expected. It will get less. Take the pain medicine, and keep moving it. The first few weeks you will say ‘why did I do this’. After that, you will say ‘why did I wait so long to do this’! Let’s say it again: early and frequent movement of your knee is critical to the final result and ultimate return to doing the things you love.


Create an optimum healing environment.

The goal of the first 4-6 weeks is to LET THE KNEE HEAL! How can you create an optimal healing environment? Walk, sleep, eat, poop, as close to your regular routine as soon as you can. Your body is going to be running faster because it is in ‘healing’ mode, so you need to make sure it has everything it needs to do that. Resist the urge to do nothing, because even though that urge will be strong, doing nothing will NOT be good for you in the long run.


You are going to feel better before you ARE better.

Your body will continue to heal and get better for MONTHS, long after your knee hurts less. Be aware that it is still healing, and be gentle with yourself. Overall, it will take longer that you want it to take. Be patient!


How best to prepare (extra bonus)

Over the last 30 years of treating knee replacements, we have seen more people opt for a few sessions of ‘pre-hab’. Pre-hab is going to a physical therapist who understands knee replacements, and getting instructions on how best to prepare physically for the upcoming surgery. 100% of the people who take the initiative and be pro-active with their pre-surgery preparations like this are so glad they did it. From these few sessions, they start preparing to maximize their flexibility and strength, so that their knee is fully prepared to recover after surgery as fast as possible. Don’t rely on just google searching some exercises from just anyone. This is YOUR knee, and it deserves that best.

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What does each 30 minute session include?

Session 1:

  • Complete history of your knee and medical history
  • Thorough examination of strength, flexibility and pain level of your knee
  • Goal setting for pre-surgery and post surgery
  • One on one instruction on a customized exercise program

Session 2:

  • Review everything from session one
  • Full training of home exercises under the watchful eye of a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Any needed modifications for efficient, safe completion of your program
  • Ongoing email access to your Doctor of Physical Therapy, even after your surgery.
You get all this for a one time fee of $219 total!

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