Performance Physical Therapy


Strengthen Your Core

The Other Core

The word “core” has now become part of our modern language. It is used in conversations heard just about everywhere. Most of us know that the core refers to certain muscles in the abdominal, hip and lower back area. Much research substantiates that keeping these muscles in excellent condition reduces back injuries and can improve …

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Exercise Helps with Stress

Coping with Stress

It seems that stress is becoming a bigger part of everyone’s lives lately. Whether it be driving the kids, cleaning the house, working harder, or sleeping less, is it any wonder that we all feel as if we are aging faster than ever. There are many strategies for coping and alleviating stress. Here are a …

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Gardeners Exercise Plan

A Gardener’s Workout

I have written several times in the past about the physical challenges of gardening and performing yard work. There is no doubt that gardening regularly is an excellent form of exercise, and if some in a sustained manner, meets the criteria of aerobic exercise which has cardiovascular benefits. But, like other forms of working out, …

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