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Even after rotator cuff repair surgery, you may have some pain. This is a common occurrence, so don’t be alarmed. The soreness is usually caused by your shoulder recuperating from surgery or stiffness from lack of movement.

Getting your range of motion back with stretching and strengthening activities is just as important as resting your shoulder while it heals.

To relieve the pain, physical therapy will help you regain shoulder mobility and strengthen your muscles.

Recovering with Therapy After Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

Your rotator cuff will begin to repair to the bone in approximately a month and a half, and your muscles will have a solid attachment to the bone in about three months. The muscle tissues will take another six months or more to fully recover. Because rotator cuff surgery is such a big procedure, postoperative pain is unavoidable. Stiffness will develop as a result of your inactivity during your rehabilitation.

You can gradually regain shoulder function with physical therapy that includes stretching and strengthening exercises. The goal of this healing process is to regain and retain as much shoulder mobility as possible while also strengthening your muscles to assist support the joint. Exercises that allow motion in the fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder will be recommended by your physical therapist.

Your physical therapist will give you exercises to undertake at home in addition to physical therapy sessions in a clinic or hospital.

Exercises Prescribed After Rotator Cuff Surgery

Your precise therapy program and progress will be determined by your medical condition as well as the work performed during surgery. Larger tears usually indicate a slower rate of growth. In your therapy, you should expect to do both stretching and strengthening exercises. Your doctor may ask you to wear a sling on your injured arm after surgery, at which time your therapist may assist you with low-load rotator cuff exercises.

Early in your exercise program, pain management and improving range of motion are the emphasis of therapy. Stretching with shoulder pulleys will assist warm up the muscle fibers that were repaired during the rotator cuff surgery. Flexibility and mobility will also increase as a result of the exercises you do throughout this time.

The time it takes to recover varies from person to person. Strengthening activities can usually be started after 4 to 6 weeks of physical therapy. The workouts for the concerned muscle area will be chosen by your physical therapist. For numerous reparations, you’ll start with relatively light weights. These muscles will be better equipped to support your joint if they are strengthened. This could take anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks, depending on your objectives. Excessive arm and shoulder motions should be avoided for the first six weeks, according to your doctor and therapist.

Pain During Physical Therapy

During your therapy sessions, you may experience pain. Your therapist will adapt your movements as a precaution to avoid lifting your shoulder over 60 degrees or overexerting it as it heals.

Physical therapy rarely causes damage to the muscles that have been healed. Nonetheless, you should stick to your doctor’s and therapist’s recommendations. You can use a cold compress and anti-inflammatory medication to assist manage the pain.

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It’s critical to have your shoulder looked out if you or a loved one is suffering pain or discomfort. The severity of your disease will determine your therapy options. You can talk to your doctor about whether rotator cuff repair surgery is good for you and how you’ll recover afterward.

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