Now you can get care at home!

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Performance Physical Fitness and Therapy is offering Video Visits and In-home physical therapy sessions and Virtual Training session.

We also offer Home Visits to accommodate those who are currently immobile due to pain, and would prefer an in person evaluation.

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Step 1:


You have two options to book an appointment with us.

a. You can either fill out the form above and let us contact you within 24-48 hours.

b. Or you can call us immediately at (302) 234-2288!

Step 2:


After you have booked an appointment with us through the form, you will then receive an email confirmation. When you reach out through placing a phone call, we will then provide you instructions on how to proceed.

Our physical therapist will make an accurate assessment of your problems by asking you questions about your condition, pain, and current mobility. They will also discuss with you the best treatment plan.

Our Personal trainers will develop a customized exercise regimen based on their discussion with you, and even watch you do the exercises!

Step 3:


Your dedicated physical therapist or trainer will instruct you live on how to properly execute exercises and strategies for recovery. You will be given a tailored program that is custom to your condition. You will know what contributes to the pain as well as how to relieve the symptoms.

You will be given direct access to your therapist or trainer and request a follow up as needed.

Some insurance carriers are covering this vital service right now.  We will bill your insurance company for you for physical therapy.

If your insurance company does not cover this service, we will be charging a fee of 1$/min of consultation and you can submit directly to your insurance for consideration of reimbursement.

Coverage benefits for PT telehealth is changing by the day, so it may be covered!