Performance Physical Therapy

Work Injury Prevention

Work Injury Prevention Delaware

How many times have you said to yourself “I wish it didn’t hurt to do this job?”

Have you heard your employees or coworkers complain of discomfort with their neck, back, shoulders, arms or hands while they are at work?

“All I do is sit at a desk and use a computer, so why am I hurting?”

“I know I am probably lifting this the wrong way, but so far it’s not bothering me, so I guess I’m alright.”

Does any or all of this sound familiar?

If so, there is no one more qualified to address these problems than a physical therapist. Everyday, physical therapists educate patients about how their bodies work and how to care for the working body. This knowledge is applied to the workplace to help prevent injuries and keep people comfortable while they are working.

Our Ergonomic Physical Therapists

John Bradley, PT has had extensive experience as an ergonomic physical therapist. He is a regular consultant to local, regional, and international corporations for ergonomic assessment of workstations, management and worker training, and is a dynamic educator on the mechanics of the working body and teaching self-care to workers.

Services available include detailed analysis of the workstation, immediate advice on corrective recommendations, training for employees and assistance in developing an “Ergonomic Team” to ensure long term success in ergonomics and safety.

Please contact John directly at jbradley@pptandfitness.com for more information and how he can help you and your workers.