A Stretch-N-Go session does for your joints what a massage does for your muscles.

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What is the Stretch-N-Go program?

PPT’s Stretch-N-Go Program does for your joints what massage does for your muscles.

Stretch-N-Go is a manual stretching program that improves an individual’s joint range of motion and muscle flexibility. Each Stretch-N-Go session is performed by a professional staff member, for a full body head to toe stretch in all directions.

When a manual stretch is applied to muscles, the body relaxes, and the muscles respond more effectively. Stretching increases flexibility and makes activities of daily living much easier. Stretching improves joint range of motion, improves balance, and helps keep an individual mobile, especially as they age.

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15 Minute Session $20.00
30 Minute Session $40.00
5 Session Stretch-N-Go Package (15 minutes)$99.00
5 Session Stretch-N-Go Package (30 minutes)$149.00

Stretching can relieve stress by relaxing tense muscles and improves circulation by increasing blood flow to the muscles, as well as stimulate the lubricating fluids inside the joints reducing the incidence of arthritis.

It can also improve circulation and help speed the recovery following muscle injuries.  A Stretch and Go session does for your joints what a massage does for your muscles.

Assisted stretching provides an individual:

✔️ A one on one service with individualized attention

✔️ Use techniques that engage your nervous system to assist your movement

✔️ Combine movement and stretching throughout your joint range of motion

✔️ An added component to your healthy lifestyle choices

Our stretching session can be as short as 15 minutes, or as long as an hour.

Packages and gift certificates are also available to fit any budget.

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