Online Exercise Programs

Find the Perfect Online Training Program to Help You Feel Fit with PPT & Fitness!

Beginners Guide to Success for Gym Users

In this program, we lay it all out for you, day by day, with the exact sets, reps, and workouts so you can achieve your goals!

Beginners Guide for Non-Gym Users

Beginners guide to Success for Non-Gym Users

This 6 week beginners program is for people who do not belong to a gym, but want to start exercising safely and effectively

Women’s Conditioning Program

Women’s conditioning program

This program is intended for individuals who are trying to get back into the gym and back into tip top shape! No Gym Needed!!!

Get Ready for Fall Sports Program

Coaching Your Kid

By doing these little things almost daily, your pre-teen can be in great shape for the start of the Fall Sports Season!

Exercise Program for Kids & Teens

Exercise program for kids/teens

Here is our favorite program that only takes 4 minutes and will get your kid and/or teen in great shape and ready for the new school year!

Side Hip Pain Program
Eliminate Hip Pain with PPT and Fitness

This program is intended for individuals who have side hip pain and want to get rid of it. This program does not require a gym either!

Hip Strengthening Program

Hip Strengthening Program

This program is intended for individuals who want to strengthen their hip in order to reduce their hip pain and increase mobility.

Posterior Hip Pain Program

Posterior Hip Pain Program

This program is intended to help individuals reduce posterior hip pain, strengthen their hip for less pain and to increase their mobility!