Halloween Safety Tips from PPT and Fitness

With Halloween coming up, it is easy to read about the same old safety tips like checking for razor blades and stay on sidewalks, but we here at Performance PT think differently!

Our tips are all about avoiding injury! Yes, we treat injuries like nobody else, but let’s try to avoid them!

1. Use a backpack to gather your treats. Use both straps to distribute the load, and keep little hands free. Also, its hard to eat the candy when it is behind you!
2. Wear decent shoes! Tennis shoes are perfect! Heels, flip flops, or mummy bandages are not! When kids trip and fall, bad things happen. Yes, you will be considered the uncool parent, but so what!?
3. While we are on the subject, keep flowing, baggy and long material away from little legs that are not used to a new costume. I know that princesses can fly, but in my neighborhood, most of them are running from house to house risking a face plant
4. All weapons, including light sabers, swords, guns, wizard wands and staffs, scythes, machetes, or scepters, should be SOFT! Think pool noodle soft. Think, ‘you’ll poke your eye out’ soft.

An ounce of parental prevention will beat a pound of cure in our offices next week! We don’t mind, we will be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well!!

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