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Effective Home Workouts

I am sure that I do not need to convince you that safe exercise is one of the keys to a long lifespan, as well as a long healthspan.

If exercise came in a pill, it would be the most prescribed pill on the planet! If only it were that easy.

Until that day comes where we can take an exercise pill, you and I are going to have to get our ‘dose’ the old fashioned way---by exercising!!

Of course, looking around my clinics, I see many different shapes and sizes and abilities. It would be impossible for me to prescribe YOU a customized exercise workout, but I will give you some general exercises that can easily be modified according to your ability.

But let’s face it, there are times when you don’t want to go to the gym (or when the weather is nasty, we don’t even want to go outside!

Is it possible to exercise at home, with no special equipment, and work most of the muscles in your body?


All exercises can be broken down into 3 general categories: strength, flexibility, and cardio. In this blog, I Am going to suggest only strength training exercises. In future blogs, I will give you ideas for flexibility and cardio type exercises.

Before you read, I must say that you have to use common sense if you try any of these exercises. I Do not know you personally, nor your specific issues that may make these exercises dangerous. When in doubt, come in to us, or see your doctor.

Ok, with that general disclaimer out of the way, here we go!

1. Strength Training Exercises

a. Push-ups

b. Lunges

c. Sit to stands

d. Leg lifts

This is just a small example of a strength program, if done regularly at home, that can really increase your strength. Even 5 minutes a day of these exercises can make a difference.

Look out for our next blog on flexibility exercises that keep us loose and limber that anyone can do at home!

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