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Workplace Injuries are Common

workplace injury

Employees of all ages and abilities suffer from workplace injuries on a regular basis. Numerous occupations and job titles require a wide range of physical abilities, including strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Job activities, whether performed occasionally, frequently, or consistently, have long-term physical consequences for the workers who perform them.

Overuse injuries can occur in workers who do repetitive tasks, such as those on an assembly line. Workers who engage in intense activities are more likely to sustain musculoskeletal injuries including strains and sprains. Desk-bound personnel, on the other hand, may experience substantial hand, neck, or back pain as a result of poor workstation ergonomics. Physical therapists, in any case, have specialized knowledge to keep workers performing at their best.

Physical Therapists Can Help

Because of their unique training and knowledge, physical therapists are a great resource for those dealing with workplace injuries. They will develop a personalized treatment plan, and teach their patients specific exercises, stretches, and techniques designed to help them recover. Furthermore, by identifying the physical demands of a job, physical therapists can help patients safely return to work with a reduced likelihood of reinjury. Other ways physical therapists can help include:

Don’t Ignore Pain- Take Action Today

Regardless of how an injury occurs, the goal of physical therapy is to return patients to optimal health and function. Working together with your medical team, your physical therapist is your partner in health.

If pain or injury limits your ability to work, exercise or be as active as you would like, call Performance Physical Therapy or complete the form below to request an appointment.