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Accident Injury Rehabilitation

Don’t Fight Recovering from an Accident Alone. We’re Here to Get You Back on Your Feet. Learn How the Proper Physical Therapy Plan Can Work for You.


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Chronic aches and pains after an accident can be a burden and keep you from doing the things you love. We also know that improper care and recovery of your injury can set you back where you can’t afford to be.

We offer an array of injury rehab services in Delaware that are directed to helping you recover from your accident and transition back to a normal home and work life.

“The degree of personalized service I received was outstanding! I wanted an environment where I felt they would seek to understand me, and provide a treatment plan and services that would make me feel much better and that I could fully understand. I highly recommend Performance Physical Therapy to everyone who is seeking the best and most comfortable environment for physical therapy.” ~ Donna D.