Massage Therapy

For Balanced Health & Well-Being
At Performance Physical Therapy, we honor the tradition of hands-on, healing touch with modern methods of massage therapy.

Massage Therapists DelawareWhat to Expect in your Massage Therapy Session:

Initial Consultation to Review Health Concerns and Expectations: Whether your are sore from yard work, recovering from an injury or wanting a mini-vacation, we first discuss how our healing power of massage can help your treatment plan.
Continued Personalized Treatment Sessions from 30-60 Minutes: The duration of your session depends on the intended outcome of your treatment plan.
Licensed, Ethical, & Professional Therapists: Performance Physical Therapy excels in meeting the goals of its clients. A review of your medical history and goals for the session provides you with safe, therapeutic and professional care.
Relaxing & Therapeutic Atmosphere: Come into PPT & Fitness to experience a relaxing atmosphere and a beautiful view of our glistening pond & mature trees.

Menu of Services

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

Therapeutic Massage includes a wide range of techniques that encourage relaxation and stress reduction. With a lighter touch and longer, smoother strokes, circulation is enhanced, muscles relax, the mind unwinds, and healing begins.

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30 Minute Session – $40
60 Minute Session – $75
90 Minute Session – $100

Package Rates
A Package of Ten 30 Minute Massage Sessions – $350
A Package of Five 60 Minute Massage Sessions – $350

Deep Tissue Massage

The following group of techniques are intended to rehabilitate soft tissue when they become tight and prone to injury due to stress, over-exertion, or misuse. They are specific to the pathology, deeper, and may elicit some therapeutic discomfort.

Deep Tissue
Myofascial Release
Deep Transverse Friction

30 Minute Session – $40
60 Minute Session – $75
90 Minute Session- $100

Package Rates
A Package of Ten 30 Minute Sessions – $350
A Package of Five 60 Minute Sessions – $350

Sports Massage

Protocols of vigorous pre and/or post-exercise massage enhance the performance or assist the recovery for the professional or weekend athlete.

RatesPackage Rates
A Package of Ten 30 Minute Sessions – $350
A Package of Five 60 Minute Sessions – $350

Ear Candling

Ear Candling, an alternative therapy used in ancient cultures, is a natural and non-invasive method in which hollow ear candles of cotton cloth and paraffin wax are placed and held by the therapist in the ear canal while the opposite end of the candle is lit. Through a process called convection, softer waxes and toxins are drawn out of the ear to relieve sinus pressure, tinnitus, and wax build up.

2 Candles – $35
3 Candles – $45
4 Candles – $55
Allow 15 minutes per Candle
Recommended 2 Candles per Session.

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