How are you going to choose the right physical therapist for YOU?

Great question!  Remember that you can choose whoever you think is best for you!  Even if your doctor recommends someone (or a place), you need to do a little research to make sure it is the best choice FOR YOU!  Seeing a physical therapist is rarely a one time event, so it is important that your PT ‘gets you’.  Since we have been doing nothing but PT for 30 years at Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness, we have some strong opinions. (that is a good thing!)

Here are some tips on what you should be looking for, and how to find the right PT for YOUR problem!

  1. Make sure that they are a licensed PT!!!

Believe it or not, there are places where you can go for ‘physical therapy’ that don’t have licensed physical therapists.  It is like going to the Acme to get your teeth fixed.  Make sure you are being seen by a licensed PT or PT Assistant.  Every visit.  No exceptions. Yes, you should ask before you step foot in the office.

  1. Check them out online

In many ways, we live in a great time.  With a computer, you can check out almost anyone.  Look at someone’s website, facebook page, social media account, and most importantly, their Google reviews. Google reviews tell you everything you need to know about a PT.  Look for the number of reviews, as well as the number of 5 star reviews.  These reviews are done by patients just like you.

(by the way, we have over 150 5 star reviews.  The next highest place has 10)

  1. Do they see other people just like you with your kind of problem?

You can look at the goggle reviews to see if other patients with your problem have been seen. For example, we do not see pediatrics (meaning children under 7 years of age). We do not treat lymphedema or spinal cord injuries.  We stick to one thing: orthopedics.

  1. Do they publish content about your same problem?

Look again on the website.  There should be articles written about the area that you need help with.   Do you have an ankle problem?  There should be an area specifically for ankle problems.  You should be able to read articles, download books, and watch videos on that subject.  Experts share knowledge freely.

  1. Are they convenient for your life?

Let’s face it, finding the perfect PT who has an office in Nebraska is just not going to work when you live in Delaware, Pa, or Maryland!  Also, if you work, and the PT office closes at 5, it’s not going to help!  Early morning, Saturday, and evening hours are a big factor in you getting better fast.

Why us?

We are the longest running PT practice in the state, and have been voted Best PT practice in Delaware for 3 years running by the News Journal and Delaware Today. We are also voted Best fitness center, best massage and best personal trainers.  We have the most 5 star google reviews of any practice in Delaware, and are an acknowledged authority on orthopedic physical therapy.  Finally, we simply LOVE getting people to feel better.  That NEVER gets old to us.  We think that we have the best job in the world–we make people feel better.

Our story

In 1991, our founder was working for another PT practice. He asked the owner of that practice if he could buy into that existing business. (he was a hard working, ambitious young man!). He was flatly told ‘no’.  3 months later, our founder had his own business, Performance Physical Therapy.  The mission was simple: treat everyone like family that you actually like!  HE thought if you treated a customer with respect, and focused on THEIR needs, there would always be business.  He was right!

Our Core Values

Here are the things that we live by in our practice.  These values are what guides how we treat you.

  1. Honesty
  2. Integrity
  3. Respect
  4. Treat others like family
  5. Treat others with enthusiasm
  6. Work as a team

Our Guarantee

We can not guarantee that everyone gets 100% better every time. (if someone guarantees that, you should run away fast!).  What we DO guarantee is we will give you our full effort and attention, every visit.  In this day and age, we think that is a pretty special and unique promise!

Ok, I did all that, and I am STILL not sure! Now what?

If you STILL are not convinced that this is the best PT practice for helping you with your problem, go ahead and click the button below, submit your name and contact information, and we will call you back today and set you up with a no cost, no obligation discovery visit with one of our Doctors to see if we can help you!