Fitness FAQs

Learn more about Performance Physical Therapy and read our FAQs Below to view our Frequently Asked Questions!

Benefits of Joining our Fitness Center
What Are Our Hours?
What Makes You Different From Other Fitness Centers?
What's A Fitness Evaluation And Why Do I Need It?
Do You Have Personal Trainers?
What's A Personal Trainer And Why Do I Need One?
How do you set Fitness Goals?
I Already Have A Gym Membership Somewhere Else. Can I Still Take Advantage Of Your Fitness Evaluation Or Trainers?
Do You Have Towel Service?
Are There Lockers?
Do I Need To Bring My Own Water?
How Do I Track My Fitness At PPT?
How Do I Schedule A Visit To The Gym?
Do You Have A Trial Membership?
Do I Need A Long Gym Orientation?
Is Any Equipment Off Limits?
Are There Showers?
Other Gyms Have Things Like Massage Services. What Do You Have?
Guest Policy?
Can I Put My Membership On Hold?
Do You Have Family Memberships?
How Can I Pay For Memberships? How Do You Bill Me?